Aug 9, 2006


You'd never want anyone to read your diary, right?
I mean you REAL diary. not a blog, not a livejournal, but the thing you purge thoughts into.
I mean, I don't know about you, but I write shit in my own personal diary that is strange, innacurate, illegible, and occasionally just a string of obscenities.
I write thoughts I think for ten seconds and then dispose of them through writing them out.
And as disposable and silly as this blog is, my diary is a mess of thoughts best left to the dust.
I once wrote that I wanted to marry PJ O'rourke and that I was going to go macrobiotic.
You get the picture.

What you may not know is that I keep a diary in a flurry of 10 second emails I send to myself.
What you may also not know is that I am trying out this new "email yourself your blog" function on blogger.
it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see where this is going
but to for those who don't make quick inferential leaps
today, well, I blogged an innerworking never meant to see the bloggy bloggy light of day
names were NOT changed to protect the innocent

and I am hardly one to claim innocence myself
I used to be more careful about such things. these mishaps are signs of everything crushing together as the walls fall down and the secrets come to light, painful and ugly as they might be
you can see my lines

nonetheless, it is one thing for me to shove my face up in the angry light of scrutiny
quite another to pull someone out there with me, when they haven't even had a chance to undrop their drawers

yes. once again, contrite
I'm sorry.

ps. might I suggest OTHERS do not take advantage of blogspots "email in" function?

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