Aug 3, 2006

Presupposing the goal of living is to grow

I am not willing to state definitively any life philosophy or intending debunk any religious creed that tells you why or how you live. But I'll say this: it seems to me that you can learn a bit from plant life. A plant begins to begin and continues to continues and flourishes to pollenate and reproduce which is to grow. Each day is the end and the means. The goal of living is to grow. And the plant can not help but to grow up, down, stronger, older, until it dies. Again, the end and the means, indiscernable.

We have it a little more complicated it seems. So many different ways to define growth. So much joy and anguish contained in how we use our time. Guilt, frustraiton, question of our paths and where we put our energy and where we don't. As if we are not part of the world we live in, growing and changing each day, but rather some sort of visitor, who owes a certain amount of effort to a system it refuses to be beholden to.

I think of this when I meet someone new or learn something, positive or negative, about life, about myself. Look at me, I'm growing. In and of itself this is a success.

And so it's okay to not be where you always wanted to be at every given second. It's alright, to not deliver the payload continuously.It's possible you don't even know when you produce. And it's wise to be thankful for every new person place or thing that gives you your next push and growth spurt.

And to also remember that it's hard to watch a flower grow. The rate might be imperceptable but it's undeniable that change is continuous. It's presence a success, and the petals?

Color is it's own reward.

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