Aug 4, 2006

skirting around the question usually means you don't know or like the answer.
you've all been there. what's going on? where is this going? where do you go at night? how long have you been married? twins? what? what do you mean twins?

there are a lot of questions out there that just beg to be asked and beg even harder to not be approached at all, even from a safe distance

I can usually tell when things are going south when I begin to fear the question as much as the answer. when I look at someone and see the eyes shift and that big gapiing hole where an obvious response lies. when I know know know that it's just as scary that they might not know the answer as that they might know an answer I shudder to hear. or that they might not even care that they don't know the answer to a question that any normal person would have scoured the earth to answer, long long ago

he sits there, in this sublime grey area where questions hover like flies but can create no shadows or memories
she sits there, trying to get a fix on him, hazy on this dull light, notcing the dim diffuse power of her torch as she points it at him, never quite hitting the mark
neither of them know the answer to any of their questions because they both have avoided asking them for so long that they've forgotten they exist
and yet they sit there, evident by his avoidal of the sun and her constant squint from the search for his features

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