Feb 18, 2007

After the 5th truck cut me off today I found myself questioing whether they actually came with a turn signal. You know what I'm talking about. Not the sweet little trucks of yesteryear or the classic trucks barely bigger than car. These behemoth industrial vehicles, typically white for some reason, apparently designed for some sort of professional hauling use, more often used for recreational purposes that invariable includes merging with small cars with nary a gesture, moment of warning, or split second of a turn signal action beforehand.
Now understand, I am not easily offended on the road. In the continuum of those who harbor road range, beginning with my mom who can be cut off repeptitively with a giggle and ending with my friend who carries a crow bar in his trunk for altercations, I am relatively close to the little old lady who thinks it's all her fault. Nonetheless, i can be angered, and nothing angers me more than a person who merges with me without using their turn signal just at that pivotal point where I am about to speed up. And, for reasons unkinown to me, the people who tend to signal seems to be found in inverse proportion to the size of their vehicle. come on. if there is one thing I definitely want to know, it's that your large mechanized honkified steel contraption is about the occupy the space I am currently inhabiting.

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Tiki said...

Ahhhhh the white trucks. They plague my universe.