Apr 4, 2007

don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me

there are all these girls
there, are, well, there is no question, beautiful, talented girls, obviously they must have balls of steel and no shame because they are there on the tv, doing things, legs over head, performing silly songs, doing coordinated dances

they are competing to be one of america's next has-beens

and you know, I DO get it. It's something when you have nothing. you work at mcdonalds and you are all all all alone with no money and no mojo and you COULD be someone who was once someone
you could have something almost like a glorious past

the future, she's fickle

no, I don't get it. they could be broadway dancers or pop stars in their own right or just accomplished and happy with a really rockin' act at the local night club. who knows. they could be something other than being the best carbon copy they can be of someone they can barely stand let alone respect, who they know will be forgotten in a year, only heard in fashion shows and drag reviews, but who still has the shine of 10 producers and a makeup crew behind them
they could slow down, just a little bit, in their race to infamous mediocrity

but if they do that, they are dead
it's all they are, primped and prodded and forced to be enthusiastic about yet another random thing that smells like fame

they are mysterious
tune in tonight to hear the secrets behind their biggest mysteries

1 comment:

chris pez said...

i can't believe you watch that show.