Nov 16, 2010

here is what I think when a man calls a woman a ball breaking bitch
or a controlling wife
or that kind of overbearing woman who always makes a man do what and when she wants

you know, like have babies
and recycle
and remember to note their birthdays and show up at their friends functions

I think that man is finally dealing with a woman willing to forceably be as spoiled as he is. willing to make a point of her needs. I think she has hung out with his friends silently more than enough, she has watched him try to weasel out of this event, or find a reason his home, his life, his mission is more important and said yes. and now she is saying "well, maybe not just yes, maybe yes BUT"

I am tired of hearing all about women who are boner killing zeitgeist conquering wenches when they are, quite actually, often people who want their side heard as well.

there. I said it.


Emily said...

from all the ladies out there, thanks.

Mischief Maker said...

Oh my goodness. Yes, as someone who long ago realized that I will be categorized as a Bitch even by other women for these very reasons which you have stated, thank you.

FRANK said...

I call this type of woman... "Jewish".
I've noticed in some - seemingly misogynistic-cultures, the matriarchal feeling runs pretty damn high. It's what I most aspire to be like; a loud, confident, smart, mothering sort of East coast Jewish woman. I announced this to my new boyfriend and his parents at dinner last night. Not sure he felt entirely comfortable about it. Oh well