Feb 9, 2011

All her pictures are of them. In the woods, in their home. Dressed up, dressed down. Depictions of their life travelling in a minivan down the information superhighway.
His are of his friends. His art. His passions: bridges or science fiction or puppydogs. Whatever.

I think of this, flipping through.

There they are, linked for facebook and everyone to see. A declaration for the world to hear.
But follow one link and you’ll get a very different picture of the same shared life.

I have searched on his page, hers. Hers leaves no room for doubt…flowery language, updates galore on their mutual adventures. His, ofcourse, give hints. Occasionally mention, the offcuff remark. But it takes more effort, it takes background to give it all context.

As I look at this I ponder it’s meaning:
Simply a different method of self presentation? Extrovert vs. introvert, privacy vs. exhibitionism?
Or something more serious. Inequity of feeling? Differing ways of defining themselves and the relationship they are in?

It all knocks on the door of a question called as often as not:
Does equity in a relationship matter? Can a relationship ever be equitable, truly, or just strive towards balance like the scales of justice. Does it teeter like a totter in the quest to balance? Or is that simply the signs of instability.

I don’t know the answer to these questions. I just know they are both “taken” and “committed”. I am just not always sure what they are taken with, committed to.

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