Aug 18, 2011

everyone needs a birthday resolution and mine is to walk the walk just a little more than I talk the talk


as I get older one thought crystalizes in my head more than any other: you are what you do.
yes, there is a deep and beautiful world that lives within each mind, but in the end, your priorities are reflected in your actions.

in my head I am a sinewy stunning exotic beauty. but in my head in my head I am also the lady who so enjoys cheese and wine and lounging about in the sun. you can see which one takes precedence. in my head I can also kick your ass. but in my head I also do not spend hours in a gym. so in reality I can't run nearly fast enough from a fight so I am lilely to hide like a big sissy under the table.
you get the picture.
we all have fantasies and beliefs and a long to do list on the road to self fulfilment but what gets done first might only have the smallest bit to do with convenience and luck

so I should do what I want, and model the way if I am to become self actualized.

and some of the things I want to be actualizing. well, you might not like them.

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Snowcap said...

I like this. Also I am realizing that I look awesome as a 40-year-old woman and I should stop feeling like I should look like a 26-year-old woman, because I already did that and it's done.