Aug 18, 2011

you are not the girl you think you are

the bathroom mirror makes you look tall
but it's all your head. in your head

even with all the ways I see myself that contrast with the other ways I see myself and with reality in general I am still stunned to find how often I am not who I saw myself being, not who I see myself being


manyfires said...

This is one of the major reasons I take self portraits from time to time. I am never the person in a photo that I am in my head. And I'm not sure which of those versions is real... the reality is probably somewhere in between.

Destructo496 said...

I used to have a conversation with Moxley that involved our life not being the life he had envisioned himself having. I will honestly say that in some way I feel grateful that I did not ever really envision myself in any life at all, because every day, while it might in many ways suck, is kind of like wow, holy shit will you look at this? I'm alive! I guess if I had any image of how my life would go it would be living alone in a tiny cabin on the Olympic Peninsula eating a lot of fish. I guess I thought I'd end up more of a Ted Kaczynski-type character. So this is not so bad really.

Destructo496 said...

Also I think I just posted as my son WAY TO GO.