Oct 17, 2011

I thought many things. like that he might get fat. or drunk. or more than one girl very pregnant.

but I never thought he'd get ugly.

and I have to admit that I never thought I would be so sad to a see swaggering, womanizing, bright and shining cocksucker like himself fall...but in the end I was just as sad as I never expected to be

and I don't know why. maybe it cheats the memory. maybe it marks time passing a little too clearly. maybe, in the end, I liked him more than I wanted to and I just like to think of him out there, beautiful and knowing it

but instead there he is, pictures on facebook slapping me across the face with their bloat and their sweaty sheen. their bulging waist line and their dear lord put your shirt on because you really can not be that guy, not anymore

but he's still got a girl on each arm and the smile that says he's never sleeping cold

and I don't know if that makes it better or worse, so I'll try not to judge that one small thing.

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