Jan 15, 2012

lattitude of lassitude

the intersection of annoying and boring seems to exist in every town, most junctions and more than a few popular burrows

I don't really know what to do about it, but it seems that whenever I weave my way through town, desperately trying to avoid annoying, with it's loud horns and obnoxious drivers and spaced out pedestrians, I end up at boring, unsure how to leave, a dull din drowning out the chords of reason in my brain

likewise I parallel boring, hoping to find an avenue to excitement, or find peace on a map, and end up always circling back to that damn avenue. one way streets are unmarked and its either a dead end or back to ennui boulevard. it's wide, it's slow, it is hard to get off of it, and most of the side streets are deserted and a little scary. all the cars look the same: white, silver, black new model sedans and mid sized suvs blasting last months top 40 so quietly I can barely make out the song, but am haunted by the cacophony of listless basslines that all sound the same but don't even begin to harmonize. baselines that are low and without beauty.

I don't know. I suppose the answer is to go by bike. by foot. by cross country ski. use a compass or dead reckoning and move...slowly, patiently, choosing the streets that suit the best and seem only a little bit threatening. to cut through parks, stop at a park bench, eat your lunch and read a book. to speak to strangers and ask the way. only ...take directions with a grain of salt, understand that others intentions may not match your own, that their routes may vary by basis of their own needs. they can't tell you your best route, just orient you on your path.

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