Jan 30, 2012

pramgmatism, humility

I struggle to main the balance on a certain line that swerves like a question mark and runs, at times, razor thin...

why does the expression of entitlement drive to screams but the notion of giving up make me want to shake the very idealism back into their whitewashed head that is pardoning, right now, every exception short of happiness.

in the same breath that I can barely contain as I hear someone give up, just a little more, on beauty, I a ready to break, be little, condoned the very hubris that makes a young (and sometimes not so young) sap believe they are guaranteed their dream with the exact right wrapping and paper and bow just because they are awesome

this is the thing, if you are lucky enough to know what you want, you should always remember it, and if you are pretty sure you are unhappy, you should heed that warning too

but you should never forget the masses that struggle every day in jobs and lives and situations so unlucky you can barely fathom the compromises they still manage to make and sometimes, yes, even be gloriously happy

as you curse your like for the broken knob, the accidental snub, the moment of idiocy, the long wait in line, consider the compromises and exceptions you might need to make, question why you think you deserve to come first, and what is really "hard" and what is really, just par the course and very simply defies your initial expectations

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