Apr 21, 2012

they're just like you, except they're hot


I will cut to the chase... two 17 years old ladies whine about how hot girls have problems too (their just like, except they are HOT)

if you've missed it, feel free to follow the link...or at least, read the comments. they are not, for the most part, about their complete and other lack of talent or intelligence. they are about their looks. specifically,  whether  they are hot. or not. surprise surprise.

as the kind of liberated woman I am, my first instinct was to feel defensive. protective even, jesus. look at these bitchy catty kitty cats, always tearin' down a lady based on how she looks.

except here are these girls. telling you how hot they are. and I have to admit. that was the first thing I judged, too.
once I tuned the sound down. or off.

the actual reality is that if you stand up and call attention to something, that people will feel compelled to judge that thing. because they are looking at it. because you are telling them to look at it. over and over again. whether you are bitching about it or bragging about it. if you tell someone you are hot. or not hot. or are fat. or smelly. or hairy. that is what they will judge. DO you really smell delicious? IS that the best rack they have seen? Well lets check it out.

on another note: I have always thought it was ...not just inappropriate, but actually really stupid to judge anothers intelligence. I mean, sometimes you can't help thinking someone or something is stupid. but in general, making an effort to compare and contract intellect seems ludicrous. I mean, hell, it is so subjective. so complex. there are so many colors and flavors and I don't know what is going on in their head. I don't know what they did last week. Or said before I walked in the room.

Also I know, I KNOW I have personally said some of the dumbest things I have ever heard come out of people's mouths. repetitively. sober and drunk. it is embarrassing. and yet I have been called intelligent.repetitively. so you just never know.

but if you sit here and tell me how smart you are. or how dumb someone else is. if you engage me in a battle of wits in which someone must be the victor and someone must wear the big pointy hat sooner or later i will begin to scrutinize. and judge.

and you don't want this. because few things pass close inspection with a perfect mark. and unsurprisingly the very few people whose intelligence I have truly questioned are those who have asserted it. repetitively. but mostly I just think they are insecure. because just like those hot girls with their hot problems, I know that they wouldn't parade in front of me with their ass in my face unless they wanted me to judge it and judge it well. And they wouldn't be seeking that kind of affirmation if they knew, in their hearts, they were sure of the outcome. they wouldn't be pointing at it unless they were scared I hadn't noticed something they weren't 100% sure was there anyway

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Anonymous said...

For the record, I tell people I'm slow, stupid and ugly...keeps expectations low. Don't judge me!