Feb 6, 2016

we are missing an opportunity

As usual, we are missing an opportunity with this election
And that opportunity is not to be found in a campaign speech or promise.
Please note, one cannot run a fully positive or substantive campaign. Differentiation is found in the positive and negative, and sometimes illustrating what you have to offer must be found in exploring another's deficit.
Similarly, and sadly, as is the nature of our times, the likely efficacy of the candidate is only part of the selling point. So I don't want to get into the fact that a candidate is going to grossly over represent the likelihood of pushing their agenda and strongly under represent the opposition they will face.
People will take everything you say and apply a %. If you offer something realistic people will expect your office to include exactly zilch.

What I am talking about, in my own grass is greener, mildly metaphysical way is something else.
Specifically, what we, the always searching, always snubbing, always frustrated liberal end of the spectrum are missing is the opportunity for celebration.

The front runners are a woman and a man spouting some actually progressive, truly liberal shit.
Not two white guys of middle age, with lots of money and good hair, spouting middle of the road bullshit that represents so very little, not more of the same. Not more of the same.

And the reason we should be celebrating is not because these elements are new. There have been women candidates, there have been progressive candidates for years. There have, in fact, been better candidates with the same attributes in just about every election so far. And we haven't voted for them. We have chosen the guys with the good hair and the least offensive message, and this time though we are painting this election with the angry and resentful, only one of those guys even hung on until the caucauses and he was unusually progressive himself.

Here is what I think...we should be proud and excited that we are actually voting and embracing thoughts and opinions that could make a difference. That we are supporting people who represent a desire for change, and we should be emphasizing that there is no such thing as "they could never win" just because they are expressing thoughts that winners have never had before. We should be shouting that voting is empowerment and the only thing that will stop a candidate from winning is our unwillingess to elect them. And then we should vote for who says the closest to what we want to hear.

That is how we participate, that is how we move forward.

Or we could just keep tearing eachother down and resenting all of the shit going on and making every candidate look like they are a last resort.

All I am saying is: perfect is the enemy of good. And there is such a thing as very very bad.
And we all need to stop fighting like we want to lose the battle just because we are so comfo.rtable feeling the underdog

We need to stop fighting a losing battle.

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