Oct 7, 2005

it's getting to be that time of the year
usually I welcome the first spot of rain and cold..it's cozy, it's novel, it's gives me an excuse to sit inside and do nothing or something
not this year. I was just getting attached to wanting to go out all the time. it's not the same when the sun isn't beckoning. you aren't taking your skin out for a walk
nothing breaths
all I wanted to do this summer was lay outside at night and wander in the endless sunlight. it all felt like an event, time felt open

so I am now taking submissions for my winter list of random activities that will make days and nights feel fresh and new, that will make cold hours feel like events


Anonymous said...

Snowboarding all day and sipping wiskey at night in front of a fire.

Bjetsey said...

hiking in the rain and snow, documenting your favorite spots in all seasons.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

I find that on those long winter nights when warmth of the home is not a remedy but a reminder of the chill night air which drapes itself heavily over the landscape rendering all calm and quiet nothing can compare to a good meal, a fine wine and curling up under a comforter with someone you love.

Unless, of course, you are by yourself.

Then there is always the unholy trinity of pornography, Jack Daniels and crying yourself to sleep.

cordelia said...

The thought of the unholy trinity is making me all warm and wistful.

daff0dil said...

no kidding

and, ofcourse, a married man WOULD suggest such a way to pass the time

hudi said...

get that concertina you mentioned