Feb 7, 2007

That's wonderful Harold, Go out and love some more

Even the Cylons can fall in love. You see it right there, big as life, on the TV screen, skin jobs falling in love, making sacrifices, changing not only themselves but the state of their landscapes as a result of the affect human connection has on them.

Barring extreme personality disorder it tends to be the case that getting to know, and love, other people in your life has a permanent affect on who you are. When you are with them. Long after they are gone. Now, then, and from here on out. You are a newer person for those you love. Slightly more tarnished, but with bright shiny parts and new extremities you never knew you needed. Or wanted.
And while it is generally not considerd the sign of a firm backbone to bend like a weeping willow and maintain an impressionability similar to fresh play-doh, it is implicit in human nature to take people in, to integrate them, to become a different person as a result.
Thats love.
So I think about this and the importance of intimacy and caring and letting poeple in. Whether it goes well or not, whether their affect is extreme or subtle, and recognize the undeniable importance of forming bonds with others. It is how we grow. And the goal of living is to grow right? Up and away, off to the side, way out back. A few pounds, a few inches, a brand new shiny tail or a new lease on life.
You never know what you are going to get or how you are going to change.
But there is one thing for certain: stuck in a static loop, impermeable to those who care most, you run the risk of rusting, of rotting, or developing vulnerabilities you never dreamed.
And so I declare this distance, this coolness, this independence we tout as a crime against growth, an assault on humanity. You are called upon to open up. Sometimes there is nothing else to do.

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