Feb 20, 2008

The g-ds of admnistrative lameness do not smile upon me.
This is what I have learned.

If there is going to be a stupid issue: a beauracratic problem, a delay giving getting or processing a service due to an organizational fuck up, a lab mix up, a glitch in physically moving me or my stuff, it will happen.

I think of it like this: In ancient Rome lucky people were smiled upon, they were treated well simply for being lucky. Why? Because in the eyes of others, the g0ds were watching out for them, they loved them and were concerned with their well being. One did not wish to cross people with such allies. In this way, we can see how luck begets luck.

I suspect my issue is more of generally lame coincidence, which eventually begins to spiral to do my own slowly growing BAD ATTITUDE.

What is to be done about it is even more of a mystery. Sacrifice to the stapler? Bloodletting to the copy machine?
Perhaps I should adorn the printer with beautiful flowers and say a secret prayer for the fine workers in HR, logistics, for front desk workers everywhere, for lab technicians hither and yon.

While this seems antithetical in nature, illogical if one truly believes turn about fair play, it might be the only way to go lest I unleash a holy fury on my computer and telephone, a hellstorm on the pour souls only trying to help with the logistics of daily life.
Because, really, then what I am going to do when I need to make a call, check my email, or heaven forbig make an appointment with my doctor.


Gavin said...

Sacrifice some whiskey to me, and I will smile down upon you.

Can't do much more than smile though.

daff0dil said...

hmmm, not sure how I feel about that power structure

Gavin said...

Fine, then just give me some whiskey and I'll leave you alone! I'm probably bad luck anyhow.

daff0dil said...

oh dear
I've angered the g-ds

you know what they say about that...