Jun 27, 2012

I think the haircut will cure the fat.

This is how that goes. I’ll notice that suddenly I am really invested in new shoes, or a great moisturizer, or the perfect haircut. I just can’t get it right. I get a pedicure. I buy mascara. I spent time bathing and primping with no satisfaction to be found. And I can never find the right boots or product. I can’t seem to deal with that one red spot. I consider a dermatologist or this new cleansing program or I wonder about supplements. And that is because I have gained 5 lbs. 5 fucking pounds that have nothing to do with my hair or toenails So what is my point? Other than general stupidity and a nod to consumerism? My point is: when things start to slip…when the spiral begins in a key area of health or discipline, it never ceases to amaze me how the human mind can find ways around dealing with the very simple problem. 

You know, you need more money so you invest in this crackpot scheme to get more money instead of just cutting back or working a few more hours.  You need to start running again  that but is madness so instead you buy some weird supplement or start wearing bigger clothing and change your style. We just aren’t perfect, and most people I know have a hard time maintaining even the status quo when things go awry. We get sick and so we stop exercising and so we feel bad and then we don’t just start exercising again, we start drinking more because we are unhappy because we are not exercising. And then we need to exercise that much more. And cut back on the drinking. 


What would make me look better would be to just eat less and just exercise more for a few weeks. Clean. Simple. 

What I will do is buy a new pair of boots and hate my hair. Again.


Anonymous said...

If your gonna buy something - buy a bike and use it. It will do wonders for your self-esteem as well as your fitness level. Just my 2 cents...

daff0dil said...
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daff0dil said...

sigh. I have a bike. I have 3 bikes. that isn't the point. but if you didn't understand the post that was my fault I guess, because I wrote it.