Jul 9, 2012

So it isn’t okay to hate the ugly but stupid people are fair game?

Man, here is what I think: I think you were the poorly socialized, barely capable youth tortured by your peers, either directly, or by omission, and are now paying it forward in some sort of creepy entitled campaign to punish the “idiots”.

I think you can’t quite differentiate the difference between kindly and effectively stopping the spread of disinformation, and cruelly and condescendingly pointing out every error, so you dance your little “I think I am right” dance every time someone slips.

You would never make fun of a fat person for running funny. Not to their face. You’d never feel justified in torturing someone because they are dressed badly, not and feel like it is your given right.

No. the people who do that are the scrum of the earth, soul sucking snobs who only live to judge people on their exterior flaws.

But you, you think it is totally cool to lay into someone when they reveal a gap in their education or logic. Awesome. I can totally see how it is helping everyone to humiliate someone because they have not been exposed to the educational opportunities you have, or heaven forbid, are not actually intellectually advanced enough to understand advanced theory.

Look,  I totally understand that it is important to value education. I believe it is even more essential to insure that we use facts, evidence based practice, and sound reason when creating laws, spoken or unspoken.

But the frequency in which I see “geeks” gleefully abuse their “superior” knowledge makes me want to make one thing clear: it is good to educate a person when they are wrong, but you are just a fucking bully if you can’t do it in a way that takes their feelings into account and helps them learn in the process.

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